Are you too old to have your teeth straightened?

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Your smile is one way to express yourself. But, if you’re self-conscious about your smile, you might not feel confident flashing a big smile. Teeth that are misaligned or missing may not just be embarrassing; they could potentially harm your dental health.
The good news is that everyone can have their teeth straightened regardless of age. Braces aren’t just for kids; even adults aged 50 and over can benefit from treatment by Azure’s dentists.

Braces for Older Adults
You may believe that only children need braces. Or perhaps you once wore braces but are unsure if they will still be effective today.
When the jawbones develop during childhood and adolescence, braces work more quickly. But teeth continue to reposition as we age, thus, braces are always effective.

By applying pressure to the teeth, braces can reposition them, and this pressure continues to act long after the bones have finished developing. Adults’ bones are more stable; therefore, dental alignment takes longer. Still, braces are effective at any age.

Make an appointment with Azure’s dentists specialising in aligning teeth, jaws, and bite patterns if you wish to straighten your teeth. They’ll take x-rays to learn the shape of your mouth and how they might realign your teeth.

Your dentists will next recommend how to straighten your teeth, including an estimated time frame. 

Variety of Braces
You may have options for the type of braces you wear if you decide to straighten your teeth as an adult.

Traditional braces
Your dentist will place metal brackets on each tooth and connect them with wires if you decide to use traditional braces. You can expect to wear the braces longer than a younger person would because you’ll need to regularly schedule appointments to have the wires tightened. 

Traditional braces have visible brackets. If you are uncomfortable with metal brackets, ceramic brackets that match your teeth’s colour are also an option. Ceramic brackets are still visible, albeit less so than metal ones.

Clear aligners. 
Clear aligners are removable trays that go over your teeth, gradually moving your teeth into position with each tray. They are transparent and difficult to notice, making them a fantastic alternative for those who might feel self-conscious about sporting conventional braces.

When eating or brushing your teeth, these aligners can be taken out. They are simple to maintain and may be cleaned with toothpaste, warm water, and soap.

If you decide to use transparent aligners, your dentist will provide you with a set of trays that you must switch out every few weeks. They produce results about as quickly as regular braces do.

At-home aligners. 
Without visiting a dentist in person, you can obtain some brands of aligners online. You should speak with a dentist, particularly if your dental history is problematic.

Lingual appliances. 
Consider lingual appliances if, as an older adult, you feel self-conscious about wearing braces because of their appearance. To keep them hidden from view, lingual appliances are positioned beneath the teeth. Yet, some patients discover that lingual gadgets might cause tongue irritation or make speaking difficult.

You could require both surgery and braces in some circumstances. This is typically brought on by bone problems that limit your capacity to use your jaw, and you’ll need different kinds of braces or orthodontics after the procedure.

Your dentist will advise using retainers following any orthodontic treatment. You wear these detachable gadgets to stop your teeth from moving. They are often worn overnight and constitute a permanent component of your oral hygiene routine.

Benefits of Adult Braces
The first advantage of having your teeth straightened as an adult is aesthetic. By fixing your crooked teeth, you may boost your self-esteem and feel better about your look.

Braces can also help with more severe problems. Your teeth may no longer line up as neatly as they once did because teeth shift over time.   Your teeth may wear down unevenly due to the ensuing misalignments, or you may wear down dental fillings or crowns. Your jaw and face may hurt from misaligned teeth, preventing you from properly closing your mouth.

These problems can all be resolved with braces, which will also enhance your general dental health.

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