Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment


At Azure Dental Singapore, we are committed to saving your teeth by doing Root Canal Treatment also known as Endodontic treatment.

Did you know that this procedure is commonly carried out in Singapore and often painless and straight forward? Our dentists have over 20 years experience in providing root canal therapy. We use a high powered microscope or loupes (glasses with high magnification) to carry out your treatment. We make sure you have a painless experience throughout. 

When is Root Canal Treatment Required?

Root Canal Treatment is required when:

  • You are having continuous pain from a tooth that doesn’t settle down even if a filling is placed
  • You have a cracked tooth close to the nerve causing pain 
  • You have hot and cold sensitivity which lasts for a long time
  • There is decay or a hole in the tooth which runs close to nerve
  • You have severely worn down teeth causing sensitivity
  • You have had trauma to a tooth and its broken close to the nerve or exposing the nerve causing pain
  • You have a discoloured tooth which seems to be getting darker
  • You have a gum infection with the tooth

What is Root Canal Treatment?

It is a fairly straight forward procedure where the nerve and pulp  of the tooth are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned with Bleach and sealed with Rubber Points mixed with Zinc Oxide and Eugenol, this is all done under Local Anaesthesia. Without treatment, the tooth may need to be extracted. 

FAQ’s About Root Canal Treatment

  1. Will I Have Pain?  No, our experienced dentists will be using local anaesthetic to numb up your tooth, it should feel similiar to having a simple filling done. Our dentists will keep on checking with you during treatment to make sure you are having a pain free experience.
  2. What Can I Expect Following Treatment?  Occasionally there may be some soreness following Root Canal Treatment, our dentists can provide you with strong painkillers if required. In most cases we suggest that you can take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen as required.
  3. How Many Visits Do I Require? Our experienced dentists will usually take one visit to finish your treatment. If the tooth has a lot of infection or has a complex nerve system they make two to three visits to finish the treatment. They will usually place a dressing (medicine) in the tooth and may provide you with additional Antibiotics as required. Don’t worry they too much as they will be communicating with you through out the procedure and keep you updated.
  4. Do I Need A Crown Following Root Canal Treatment? Yes, we strongly recommend a crown to protect the tooth following root canal treatment. This is because the tooth tends to become more brittle and is hollow, or will discolour if its a front following the treatment so in order to prolong the life or improve the look (aesthetics) we suggest a crown be placed.

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