Services We Offer

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can make your teeth sparkling white and beautiful. At Azure Dental we use Opalescence Whitening to bring back their natural shine.

Implant Dentistry

A dental implant consists of a small screw made of titanium that is placed in the jaw.

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings restore the form and shape of a tooth, preventing bacteria from entering the tooth. At Azure Dental we prefer to treat them early.

Children’s Dentistry

Children are usually very scared to visit a dentist. At Azure Dental we ease their fears and worries by making it a fun and relaxing experience.

Gum Treatment

Gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis over a prolonged period of time can cause you to lose your teeth. At Azure Dental we are committed to prevent this.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the nerve from the tooth due to infection or inflammation, thus keeping your tooth.

Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth are no more a problem. At Azure Dental we have total solutions for you and your family and we can restore your smile to make you confident again.

Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

Porcelain veneers are usually one of the principal components in a “Smile Makeover” procedure.


There are few ways we can straighten your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

At Azure Dental, we provide same day appointment for any wisdom teeth emergencies.

Conscious Sedation

Consicous sedation is very useful for highly anxious patients and it can be done in two ways.