Why You Shouldn't Fear Dentists

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1. It is mostly ‘Pain-Free’ these days

Most people are afraid of the dentist because they think it will hurt.  Modern materials and improved techniques mean that dentists are able to virtually eliminate pain from dentistry. And by visiting the dentist regularly problems can be spotted early and resolved before any pain or infection occurs.  A toothache is definitely more painful than seeing your dentist today!

2. Azure Dental provides a relaxed and comfortable environment

Many people are anxious about seeing their dentists.  If you ask them why they would likely point to the clinical environment and the wait. At Azure Dental, we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and almost café like ambiance. Our brand color is chosen to calm you and together with our well-liked coffee, you can be assured of a pleasant experience that is akin to visiting the spa.

3. A healthy mouth is a healthy heart

Your dentist is concerned about your general health, too, not just your teeth, gums, and mouth.  Some conditions such as heart disease are linked to the bacteria in your mouth so your dentist is as important as your GP. See our previous articles on how oral health is linked to your general well-being.

4. Dentists want to help you

Dentists, like other health care professionals, actually want nothing but to help you.  Check out our team of dentists and nurses on our website.  If you read our profiles, you will find that all of us chose dentistry as a career because it enables us to make a positive difference in people’s lives, either because our own dentists were great role models, or because childhood experiences resolved us to do it better.

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